10 Trendiest Plus Size Outfits Still Dominating 2018

Fashion, as we all know, is unifying; from the young to Middle age and the old, skinny, plus size, Asian, African, any sect you could think of, there’s always something to be desired, for everyone. Fashion is not just about wearing good clothes, it is simply a way of life. The year 2018 has ushered in amazing fashion options for plus size ladies, ranging from well-fitting skirts to swimming suit options and jumpsuits, no this year, these ladies meant business. Let’s take a look at the 10 trendiest fashion outfits plus size ladies rocked this year.
Knee-Length Fitted Gown
If you have got it, then flaunt it! screams these trendy fitted gowns that were worn by plus-sized ladies to accentuate their body. Let’s not forget that Fashion is all about looking good, and you do not look good by wearing clothes that are not meant for your body shape. This year, hourglass and pear-shaped ladies have taken to flaunting what they got from their mamas, all thanks to knee length fitted gowns in different colours and designs. Below are some of the gowns rocked by plus-sized ladies
Jumpsuits This year is for all kinds of jumpsuits, for all sizes, but plus-sized ladies did not join the party to sleep! Palazzo, sleeveless, skinny-legs, different kinds of jumpsuits, were equally worn by these ladies.
Two-piece swimming Suit
Before now, Plus size ladies took to wearing full body or a piece swimming suit. But the year 2018 is for bold and daring options, and two-piece swimming suit is the kind of daring plus size ladies tried. No longer afraid of hiding excesses, the two-piece swimming suit screams sexy, comfortable and confident.
Slit-Draped Maxi Skirts A sexy body-hugging crop top with a slit-draped high waist maxi skirts, can never go wrong with plus size clothing, it’s just a perfect combination to look at. This fashion rave was all over 2018 and was absolutely loved.
Flattering Jackets Jackets were all raves in 2018. From corporate looking ones to casual wrapped around jackets, leather jackets, Trench coats, Tailored frock coats and many more, all kinds of jackets were touched and conquered.
Knee High Boots
“See not my legs,” says knee-high boots, “I’m up to the task” a plus size lady responded. Wearing knee-high boots on short skirts, skinny jeans and short gowns were totally everywhere in 2018, and the plus size fashion embraced it.
Vintage Denims
Denims have been in vogue for quite some time now, however, Vintage denim has been resurrected and plus size ladies are holding it down. High waisted vintage denim with tops, which are either loose-fitted, fitted or crops, are a perfect combination.
Peplum tops and Gowns
Hardly would you see a 2018 dress without peplums, it’s like a 2018 fashion rule, all attention must be on the waist! Peplums are either added to the waist of the gowns or at the bottom of the tops, and it perfectly hides any excesses while giving the overall outfit a glamorous look.
Short Pleated Gowns
A plus size fashion that never goes wrong is the short pleated gown, and yes, 2018 had a lot of them! Different designs, colours, and accessories to accentuate and bring out the glam in them, these gowns were absolutely beautiful and these ladies look stunning in them
Crop Tops
Here are some trendy crop tops rocked by different plus sized ladies in 2018. They are stylish, beautiful, classy and we love them!  Photo Credit: Getty

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