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10 Top Memes Of Mummy GO That Went Viral

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Nigerians have been taken unaware by the preachings and doctrines of the new sensational preacher, Fumilayo Adebayo popularly called Mummy GO.
mummy go
The earth-shattering consequences attached to offenses that most people were not even aware of committing have caused an uproar on social media. Mummy G.O’s ministry, Rapture Proclaimer Evangelistic Church (RAPEC) became popular and controversial online in December 2021, when she began preaching about things that will make everyone go to hellfire.
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In one of her preachings, she revealed that she was an executive/super agent of the highest form of darkness with lucifer and had sold guns, pushed cocaine with fly-carpet not normal transport before she was arrested by christ. She mentioned that her beauty and figure 8 shape were taken away from her when she gave her life to Christ. Mummy G.O, who started her ministry 24 years ago claimed she was born in Egypt where she joined the military but died during a war and was initiated afterward.
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Looking at how controversial her claims and preachings are, Nigerians have taken an interest in the preachings and gone ahead to make memes of her and some things she has spoken about. So here are 10 top memes of Mummy GO that has gone viral;
The female preacher called out people who play COD game (Call of Duty), saying that they can never make heaven because it was created by Lucifer and it means call of devil.
She slammed the ladies that wear Gstring saying that they have been sent by the queen of the coast, and guys should not sleep with them as they are going to hellfire.
Guys That Suck Breast
Mummy GO spoke about guys who suck breasts, as the act in itself will take them straight to hellfire.
She pointed out that people who use condoms will go to hellfire because the makers of condoms are making people go against the will of God which is for man to go into the world and multiply.
The general overseer stated that cryptocurrency is the currency they use in hellfire, and people who use DOGE coins have dodged heaven.
Mummy GO stated that photographers must go to hell because the camera they use is what they use in hell to monitor people.
She again stated that DJ means Devil’s Joy so people who are DJs are making the Devil happy and they must go and meet him.
Short People
The preacher stated that people who are short are going to hellfire because they have fallen short of the glory of God.
People who attended the Lagos State University have been called out by Mummy GO as she stated that LASU stands for Lucifer and Satanic University.
Manchester United Fans
Mummy GO pointed out that Man U fans will go to hell and meet their master because Man U means red devils.
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