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5 Tips On How To Stand Out As A Female Science Student

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The field of science across the board in the higher education system is one of the fields with the lowest ratio of female students. To be a female Science student in science is probably one of the toughest considering again how the Nigerian society and working place is designed.
Standing Out As A Woman In Science

It is never new to hear jokes of engineering departments across Nigerian universities having a ratio of 2:50 of female students to male students in such departments and their voices in such departments are easily drowned out. But if you’re a female student in such a situation reading this article I want you to know that you’re strong and make through and just so you know whatever you do in that department, the records and achievement will serve as motivation for the next generation after you.

Standing out as a Woman In Science

So please put in the effort, and try your possible best to stand out and make your voice heard at

  1. Set Monthly, Semester And Calendar Goals To Achieve: As a woman in any work of life the odds always seem like it’s stacked against you, so don’t be too bothered about how things might seem at the moment. Rather set out your goals as a female student in a male-dominated field be ready to work twice as hard as the male in your field before you due to giving to you. So write down your goals, set monthly goals, semester goals calendar goals and your full goals by the time you graduate. Write down these goals place them above your bed recite them every morning and every night before going to bed. Then also create a reading timetable, tutorials you need if you believe you can’t do it alone, identify the person that you want to relate with that can help you achieve your goals.  This is the very first step to standing out as a female science student.

    Standing out as a Woman In Science
    Standing Out As A Woman In Science
  2. Attend Seminars And Conference In Your Field: Attend seminars and conferences you’re even luckier that you exist in this age and time, where most conferences can be joined online take this opportunity and learn as much as possible. Always lookout for ways to have an edge and stay ahead of the game. All you need to do is go online and search for webinars and online lectures taking place in your field of interest. Also, YouTube is another unique place where loads of tangible information can be gathered with visual evidence all you need is to be disciplined enough to sit through those boring lectures.
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  3. Be Creative And Unique: Learn quick and understand the school you’re and your different lecturers’ mannerisms and making styles. Be creative in getting their attention with your work stay in the spotlight and help them understand you, but also stay out of their vicious gaze protecting yourself from their predatorial instincts.
    For a woman to stand out in this competitive environment, she must be highly creative and unique. She must be willing to bring new ideas to the table that will override those of her competitors, even better find a niche.

    Standing Out As A Woman In Science

4.  Stay Focused To Your Set Goals:  Never lose focus, a generation of younger you are already looking up to you to succeed. Remember work as hard or even harder than a man but win like a woman. Celebrate your wins and go again, don’t particularly go for just big wins, rather go for small, small wins and gradually build it up as you go. Just one win won’t make you successful but a series of multiple small wins that all finally add up and become a big one or lead to the big one.
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5. Ignore The Competition: Ignore them, but also while ignoring don’t lose focus that they also might come after you so keep them the invisible distance in your rear or side view. See them learn from them, learn to adapt and use it all to make yourself better.

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