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10 Celebrities That Have Kept Their Relationships Away From Social Media

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Being a celebrity or a public figure means that a huge part of your life is placed in the public eye. Fans and followers believe they deserve an all-access pass into your life. As a public figure, your position in society also requires that you make your life a free cinema on social media to an extent though.

Social MediaCertain celebrities despite being very active on social media have chosen to keep certain aspects of their lives away from the public. They have shielded their marriage, their family from the public and have chosen to have this aspect of their lives for only themselves. We have actively followed the lives of these successful personalities for years and to date, they have kept this area of their life away from the media under lock and key.

1. Chioma Akpotha
The prolific actress tied the knot with her husband Franklin Akpotha in 2006 and 15 years later we can say that the actress has shielded her home from the media. Apart from the picture of her wedding shared on the internet that year no other photo of her husband has also been released but her close friends say that the marriage is intact and blessed. Chioma has a flourishing career and even on her biggest nights she has been accompanied by other colleagues without her husband in sight.

2. Ramsey Noah
He is considered one of the most handsome and freshest by of Nollywood but one shocking thing with this fresh-faced star is that despite the huge female attention he has been able to keep his home and family intact. The actor who has enjoyed a hugely successful career and lots of female attention has kept his home together. For the first time in 17 years, a rare video of the actor’s wife Emelia and their 3 kids Quincy, Camil, and Desiree Nouah was seen on social media at the premiere of the rattlesnake.

3. TY Bello
She is one of Africa’s most successful photographers and musicians with a portfolio that many will dream of. She married Kashetu Bello in 2009 and has kept the man in her life far away from public view ever since. The creative genius is blessed with 2 lovely kids but you will never see her share snaps of her husband on the internet even though many know the couple is still together.
4. Zainab Balogun
Media girl Zainab Balogun tied the knot with her multi-millionaire husband Dikko Nwachukwu in 2018. The media girl ever since has kept her marriage and husband away from social media. She never shares snaps of them together, anniversary photos, or even birthday wishes, and many fans have often wondered if the union is still intact but we can boldly say that Zainab is still married but just wants to keep her family private.

5. Ruth Kadiri
A few weeks ago the actress had to address why she keeps her man away from the media after a huge circus was thrown about her marriage. She shared that she enjoys her moment in private and will keep it that way as she pleases. According to the mother of one, her closest people know about her marriage and have seen her home which is all that matters. The only picture of her man we have seen on the internet is his back view.
6. Mike Ezuronye
The actor is one of the finest and freshest actors in Nollywood but he has his heart taken by a pretty damsel. Ezuruonye is married to his longtime girlfriend Nkechi ‘Keke’ Nnorom. They met on a movie set in Abuja in 2009. The couple has been married for over 10 years and their union is blessed with two children. He is one of the few Nollywood actors known to keep their personal life away from the media. she is presently living in Ontario, Canada with her family and is never seen alongside her husband in the public space.

7. Agbani Darego
The former most beautiful girl in Nigeria is married to Ishaya Danjuma in 2017. The couple has been blessed with 2 kids. The stunning melanin beauty keeps her home away from the public and never shares snaps of her kids or husband. She has managed to keep her private life fully private while she enjoys a blissful marriage and motherhood.
8. Monalisa Chinda
Nollywood star Monalisa Chinda is one woman who has kept her home away from the public. The incredibly stunning beauty who remarried after her first failed marriage seemed to have discovered that the rule which says a private life is a happy life. The actress tied the knot with Victor Tonye Coker in 2016 and hardly appears with him on social media or in public. The very pictures of him that we see her the ones she shares on social media once in a year for their anniversary. Asides from that nothing is known of the couple.
9. Nse Ikpe Etim
The prolific and enigmatic actress is happily married to a handsome Yoruba man Clifford Sule in 2013. The actress has her man tucked away from the public and we never see him or find him on her social media page but she speaks about him from time to time in interviews assuring us that the ship is still sailing.
10. Chinedu Ikedieze (AKI)
The actor is married to Nneoma Ikedieze but you would never see her in public or social media. Asides from their pre-wedding shoot and wedding photos no other picture of this couple have been seen in public, social media and it seems the actor wants it that way. The actor who steps out to a lot of public events is never seen with his wife but mostly alone or with a colleague.

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