10 Quotes From The Legendary Musician Sound Sultan

The death of the veteran musician Sound Sultan is still one of the most shocking news the entertainment industry has had to deal with in recent times. On Sunday the 11th of July,2021 a lot of Nigerians, music lovers, and entertainment enthusiasts were thrown into deep mourning when the death of the music star was announced by his family on social media.
Legendary Musician Sound Sultan
Since the announcement tributes have poured with several personalities recounting their encounter with the singer and also sharing how much he impacted their lives. Many described him as a great friend, a colleague who always came through for everyone. For the fans, we remember him as a creative genius who excelled in every aspect of the entertainment industry from music to movies and comedy. We remember Sound Sultan as the man who always wore a hat and always had a large smile planted on his face.
As we mourn his death and celebrate his legacy we would love to remember 10 of Sound Sultan’s greatest quotes.
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1. Watch the energy you put out to the universe. It is a cycle.”
2. “Knowledge hasn’t fulfilled its course 360 if it hasn’t been passed down.”
3. You don’t hate me; you are just too used to liking me.”
4. “People don’t respect the humble ones but hate on the proud ones”
5. Progressiveness is not just about advancement, it’s also about making sure you don’t do anything in the past that could hold you back.
6. “Please never stop dreaming, but wake up and get it…”
7. Building a legacy is a lifetime task, So I don’t have time to stop and pose with material achievements.
8. “No crash course”Celebrate me, now when I dey alive.
9. Get that knowledge by yourself on the go, no handouts in life
10. The most important attributes of success are those you can feel.

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