10 Chic Ways Muslimahs Can Rock A Suit

Gone are the days where muslimah’s were restricted to boring and drab outfits because the options were limited. In modern day fashion a lot of pieces and styles are coming up that Muslim women can rock and also slay in and one of such pieces is a suit.
10 Chic Ways Muslimah's Can Rock A Suit
10 Chic Ways Muslimah’s Can Rock A Suit
This outfit is one of the easiest ways to make a statement and to also show off your confidence. Every stylish muslimah should own one in her wardrobe as it is a go to piece when you need to look professional or even catch that cheque for a job well done. Rocking a suit might be difficult for a lot of muslim women because of its fitting and how it affects modest dressing but noot to worry we are here to help you discover chic and trendy ways you can rock a suit and still retain your modest sense of style and fashion.

Check out 10 chic ways Muslimah’s can rock a suit
1. Pair your outfit with a nice T-shirt, this covers up your chest or cleavage
2. Try out a monotone look.

3. Add a beret to the scarf or your hijab and you have an edgy look

4. Throw on a nice pair of sneakers and you are good to go

5. Floral prints are a good choice but make sure you use a plain scarf or Hijab to avoid having a busy look

6. Play around with colours but be sure to pick colours that match

7. Use a turtle neck for the inner because it covers up every part of your body

8. Wide pants suit are a good option because they are free and don’t reveal your shape

9. Stick to Neutral colours

10. Be extra stylish with a 3 piece suit

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