$1.6m House: Korra Obidi Fires Back At Ex, Justin Dean, After He Claimed She ‘Lied’ About Acquiring Mansion

korra obidi

Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has tackled her ex-husband Justin Dean over a remark he made about her new home.

Recall that recently Korra showed off the interior of her brand-new $1.6 million house in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

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Reacting, her ex-husband, Justin asserted that the dancer purchased a condominium rather than a luxury property, as her supporters claim.

He explained the distinction between a condo and a mansion to his fans and contrasted Korra’s new house with the apartment he was renting.

Furious at his remark, In a recent Facebook live video, the mother of two chastised him for saying something offensive about her expensive home.

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She claimed that since she had worked diligently to earn her new home, he had no right to disparage her accomplishments.

The American therapist made a video comparison between his rental apartment and Korra’s new mansion, which he shared on Tiktok.

People had been misinformed, he said, as a mansion provides 5000 square feet with five to six bedrooms, but hers didn’t.

He said: “I am 2000 square feet short of a mansion. There is a condo downstairs; if you put both of these together, mine is almost a mansion. So many people are putting phrases on the internet with complete inaccuracy.”Korra Obidi

To jog your memory, there was a court directive that instructed both parents to refrain from sharing pictures of their children on social media. Justin then asserted that his daughters are not confined to a room and offered Korra a thousand dollars if she could produce evidence to the contrary.

“I will give you 1k dollars if you show me evidence of my kids locked up in a room”, he said.

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